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World Scratch off Map and Other Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers

A photo of a world map with a passport and a camera laid on top

World Scratch off Map and Other Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your travelling friend or family member? It can be hard to shop for someone who can get anything they want from around the world.

How can you make sure that your gift for them is special, unique, and fits their interests? 

From a world scratch-off map to a laptop backpack, here are just a few fantastic ideas for your travelling companion!

World Scratch-Off Map

Many travellers make it a point to travel all over the globe- with the scratch-off world map, they can easily keep a record of where they've been! It comes as both a global map or as a map of the USA and is a great way for you or your friend to mark their travel destinations. 

With a variety of sizes, you can either hang your map up at home or take it on the go with you for backpacking adventures! Either way, this map is a great way to show the world how much you've travelled.

Jewellery Travel Organizer

For your fashion-forward friend on the go, you should consider giving them a gift to help them accessorize without the hassle of lugging their jewellery around. A jewellery travel organizer is a great friend for those who love to accessorize while travelling!

Without the mess and stress of keeping all of their jewellery in a backpack, your friends and family can bring all of their favourite accessories with them wherever they go.

Waterproof Backpack

Getting wet outdoors is a part of the backpacking experience, so make it easier for your travel buddy by getting them a waterproof backpack or rucksack for their outings. Keep their belongings safe on the most adventurous of trips without the worry of rain or snow!

Multi-Purpose Tool

Multi-purpose tools are any traveller's best friend. Whether you need to make a quick measurement, cut some rope, or uncork a bottle, these tools are at the ready for all of your travelling needs!

Depending on what you need, these tools can be as complicated or simplistic as you'd like. Shop around to see what you or your friend can make use of, and find the perfect multi-purpose tool for all of your travelling needs!

Portable Charger

Whether for a phone, tablet, or a laptop, portable chargers are an absolute necessity when travelling. Depending on how long you plan to be without a firm source of electricity, you can be sure to find a portable charger that can hold however much energy you need for your outings!

Laptop Backpack with Built-in Charger

For the convenience of a portable charger with a way to carry your devices added on, a laptop bag with a built-in charger is a fantastic gift! These make carrying your most valuable items and having them charged at all times easy and stylish. For your working friends on the go, this is a wonderful idea.

Carry-on Cocktail Mixing Kit

If your friend prefers to travel by air, then perhaps a cocktail mixing kit they can take abroad is the solution! You can find just about any mix to match their favourite drink for a relaxing flight. 

Does your friend always complain about the lack of on-board drinks? Then get them a kit today!

Smartphone Lens Kit

For the photographers in your friend group, a smartphone lens kit is a wonderful way for them to take great pictures on the go. To top it all off, you won't need a professional camera to do it! Just snap on one of these professional lenses to your smart phone's camera and take great pictures anywhere you go.

Adding on a tripod and remote shutter for your phone is a great bonus with the lenses. It will bring their phone photography game to higher levels than they thought possible.

Don't break the bank with an expensive camera that could get broken on your next outing- fit your phone with its own lenses instead!

Airplane Travel Kit

Another great gift option for your flying friends is a travel kit to make those flights more comfortable. Complete with neck pillows, earplugs, chargers, and anything else you may need for that long flight, you will be able to ride in absolute comfort to your destination. 

Whether you design the kit yourself or purchase a pre-made travel set, your friend is sure to love their new flight travel kit.

Customizable Luggage Bags

If you want the perfect personalized gift for your friend, then getting them their very own luggage bag is a great option for you! Design the exterior and interior of the bag yourself to give them a travelling bag that has their style in mind. 

Travel Guitar

For the musicians in your friend group, a guitar that they can take with them anywhere may be just the gift you need! These small, compact guitars come with a lightweight carrying case that makes travelling a snap. 

Travel guitars are perfect for adding life to your adventures with music and fun.

Gift Buying Made Easy and Fun!

Buying a gift for your travelling friends doesn't have to be difficult- there are plenty of unique gifts, from a world scratch-off map to a guitar you can travel with to make you the best gift-giver in your group! Consider how your friend travels and what they usually take with them to find the perfect gift option for them.

Are you thinking about buying the perfect gift for your friend for their next outing?

We'd love to help! Be sure to contact us with any questions you might have, and good luck finding that perfect present!