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Travel Often? 7 Reasons Every Traveler Needs a Scratch-off Map

Photo showing people planning their travelling using a large mapUK residents love to travel abroad, with top destinations being Spain, France, and Italy — but the full list of countries visited by brits is huge. 

Every year, more and more people venture out into the world and add more places to their list. For seasoned travellers, it can get hard to keep track!

Fortunately, scratch-off maps have become popular. These maps can be hung on the wall and every time a new destination is scratched off, a different colour or pattern is revealed beneath.

There are many reasons for travellers to own these, from the pleasing aesthetic to the convenience — and those aren't all!

1. To Keep Track of and Visualise All the Places You've Visited

For a world traveller, it can be difficult to keep a list of all the places visited. Sometimes you don't remember to update it, or sometimes it's just not a priority.

With a scratch-off world map on the wall, you won't have to remember. You'll be reminded every time you see it!

Having it hung on the wall will let you visualise just how much of the world you've seen, and that makes it easy to be proud of your achievements.

2. It's Easy to Update

If you keep a list of countries visited on your computer or in a diary, it's far less visually pleasing — but more importantly than that, you might not remember to update it.

A list kept in the Notes app on your phone might fall by the wayside, found six months after it was created as you sigh and realise you never updated it.

A scratch-off map hung on the wall means that it's quick and convenient to update and you'll never forget about it.

No coming back to it after months and realising you might have forgotten all the places you've been lucky enough to visit in that time!

3. You Can See Everywhere You Still Want to Go

One major advantage of a scratch off map may be seeing how far you've come, but it's also going to provide you with motivation.

The more places you scratch off, the more you're going to want to continue.

You can look across the map and spot places you haven't visited yet that you realise you want to scratch off.

Let the map provide motivation for your next trip as well as pride for your past ones.

4. They Look Great as Decoration

Scratch off maps are not only convenient and motivational though. They look great as decoration.

It can be a struggle to decorate a house or apartment. Scratch off maps for travelers provide something interesting and unique.

Instead of a generic poster of a world map, this adds a personal touch for you and provides a talking point for guests.

You can invite them to show you where they'd scratch off too (as long as they don't actually mess up your map)!

5. You Can Share Them as a Joint Effort

If you live with other people (as almost 90 percent of us in the UK do), you can even have a combined world map!

Maybe you don't travel as much as you want to, or maybe you really value your life with your partner and consider it shared. You can both scratch off the places you've each been to and cover more of the map that way.

Some might consider it cheating, but there are no rules for how to use a scratch-off map. Each of them should be deeply personal, and you should use it however you choose.

It can also be a great bonding activity to look at where a loved one scratches off and ask them about that place. 

6. You Won't Ever Lose the Data

Some people will still choose to keep their list of places visited on their laptops or phone. 

The reason this isn't a great idea is that data can be lost. This might not be an issue for someone who has only visited a few countries they can easily recall, but if you're a true world traveller, this loss could be devastating.

A scratch-off map provides something solid and can be moved from home to home. No chance of you accidentally losing the data — it's there forever. 

7. They Provide Great Recommendations for Others

Not only is it an interesting talking point between loved ones and roommates, but it can be great to discuss when having guests over.

If your guests are looking for their next vacation, they can look at your map and ask about places you've visited. They might spark the memory in you that one place would be perfect for them to go — or they might ask about somewhere you wouldn't recommend.

Either way, you can help shape the travel dreams of your friends by advising them on where to go after letting them have a look at your map!

All in All, They're Great Accessories for Those Who Love to Travel

If you love to travel, a scratch off map is a truly fantastic thing to have on your wall.

From being a unique and personal decoration, to being a truly helpful and motivating tool, scratch-off maps will improve your life as a traveller. Use it as a talking point to help others, share it with a loved one, or record your own achievements — they're personal, and it's down to you what to do with yours.

If you're ready to get started with your very own, buy one here today!