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Show Off Your Travel Destinations With a Scratch-Off World Map Poster!

Show Off Your Travel Destinations With a Scratch-Off World Map Poster!

Do you ever find yourself rattling off a list of favourite travel destinations to your guests? Take a breath and use a scratch off world map poster instead. These fun and functional posters are designed to be a conversation starter while reminding you of your impact across the globe. 

Not sure you need one yet? Keep reading! 

Maps Are Classic Decorations 

Instead of stuffing your home with impersonal posters or decorations, a scratch off world map poster shares information with those who visit your home and looks great on any wall. 

The best part about having a scratch off map is that they're always changing. For every new destination you visit, a new colour pops up! 

You can constantly update your map when you return from a trip and create a ritual around the memories of your new experiences. 

They Inspire Conversation 

Trying to impress your significant others' parents? Maybe they spent a summer abroad touring Asia and hitchhiked, just like you did. Scratch off maps tell a story and ignite engaging conversations while remaining modest. 

Did you know UK residents took 72.8 million trips abroad in 2017? We love to explore new places! Why not share it? Having a map on your wall encourages friends and family to share their stories and decide to take a new trip. 

They Make Great Gifts 

Even for those not keen on travelling yet, a scratch off map poster is a great way to inspire budding travellers. 

For Holiday gift exchanges at the workplace, birthdays, or anniversaries, give a gift that shares your mutual love to explore new places. 

Scratch off maps are great for couples too, they can scratch the places they've been together and see just how much more of the world there is to visit together! Make it even more personal by pre-scratching their wedding location or honeymoon destination!

A Scratch Off World Map Poster is Educational 

Teaching kids about geography is so important to ensure they have a solid sense of place in the world. Gifting a poster or having one in your own home is a great way to teach kids about the world. 

Many kids in the United States test poorly on geography when asked where specific countries are. 

To enhance cultural understanding and build empathy around the shared planet, talk with a child in your life about travelling and use a scratch off map as a tool to educate! 

What Are You Waiting For? 

Where have you been in the world that you're most proud of? Maybe climbing to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru is your biggest accomplishment, or visiting the pyramids of Egypt. Think critically, what countries have I visited-and get excited to start scratching!

With a scratch off world map poster, you can share these special memories with your loved ones for generations to come. Check out our line of scratch off maps here