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Need to Secure Your Backpack While Travelling? Here's Where and How

Need to Secure Your Backpack While Travelling? Here's Where and How

When you imagine your next travel adventure, the last thing you daydream about is stolen luggage.

Yet by some reports, airport thieves steal 1,000 bags a year—not to mention the pickpocketing problem throughout most major European cities.

To keep your luggage and backpack secure when you travel, it’s a good idea to plan in advance. Here’s where and how to store your luggage during your trip.

What to Do With Luggage Before Check-In

We’ve all been there: you arrive at your lodgings before check-in, weighed down by heavy luggage.

If you’ve opted to stay at a larger hotel, you can often talk to the staff to find out if you can use the hotel luggage storage to keep your belongings safe while you roam the city. This can sometimes be the case even if you aren’t a guest, as some hotels will simply charge a fee for anyone who isn’t staying overnight.

If you’re staying at an Airbnb, it all depends on your host. High-turnover rentals tend not to allow luggage storage, but some hosts will let you drop your things off early at no extra charge.

Alternatively, major cities may have luggage storage you can pay for. Sites like Stasher and NannyBag can help you hunt them down, but don’t hesitate to do a bit of sleuthing on your own.

How to Keep Your Backpack Safe From Pickpockets

During your holiday, it’s also important to make sure your bags are secure while they’re on your person. Some of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe tend to attract pickpockets, so stay vigilant! Here are a few ways to deter theft:

  • Consider whether you really need to bring essential items like passports on your day trip
  • Don’t flaunt valuables or display your money
  • Keep your cards and cash tucked away in a money belt
  • Invest in a secure backpack with anti-theft measures and inside compartments
  • Keep digital copies of your passport and important travel documents

Chances are your belongings will be fine, but it pays to consider some preventative measures in advance.

What to Do With Luggage Before a Flight

If you have a long stretch of free time between check-out and your flight, you may want to secure your luggage again.

Once more, the options above—free hotel or Airbnb luggage storage or paid storage services—will be your best bet.

However, many major airports offer coin-operated luggage lockers. These let you store your belongings for just a few euros or pounds. The duration may vary from a few hours to a few days.

You’ll want to research the airport in advance if you choose this storage option, as the storage area may not be located near the terminal you’ll be travelling to.

Prepare for Security in Advance

Preparing to secure your luggage and backpack isn’t the most glamorous part of your travel adventure, but it’s a good way to keep safe. Knowing your belongings are safe can put your mind at ease, allowing you to actually enjoy your travel instead of worrying about your next steps. If you’re interested in more travel tips, check out our other blog posts!