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Feed Your Wanderlust: 10 Travel Motivation Tips for Weary Travelers

Feed Your Wanderlust: 10 Travel Motivation Tips for Weary TravelersIs the idea of travelling starting to sound more like a chore than an adventure? It's easy to lose some travel motivation or feel burnt out along the way when it comes to feeling inspired to travel. 

The idea of travelling and planning your trip should be an exciting process.

We compiled a list of ten tips that will help you feed your wanderlust and inspire you to travel again.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Get an idea of where you want to go and what motivates you to travel.

Amazing beaches? Delicious food? Art? Adventures?

Devoting your time to researching the different places you want to visit and learning about them will excite you and motivate you to book a flight sooner rather than later.

Make it a consistent part of your schedule to do your research and plan your trip so that it won't feel like some task you "have" to do; it just becomes a habit. When you think about doing something all the time, it will happen.

Tip #2: Learn a New Language

Download a free language learning app like Duolingo or go all out and join a class. Learning a new language is a great way to inspire motivation and desire to travel because there is no better way to show off your new skill than to travel.

You don't have to learn one language fluently to get inspired. You could just pick up some common phrases in two or three different languages if you plan on travelling to multiple countries.

Tip #3: Try a New Cuisine

Whether it's attending a cooking class or going to a restaurant in your city you have yet to try, food is a great way to inspire travel motivation. You can learn a lot about a country's culture through its food.

For example, the Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich gives a glimpse of their history of French colonization and being introduced to the baguette as well as pâté. The Vietnamese people took those ingredients and made it their own when they came up with the famous bánh mì sandwich that is now enjoyed all over the world.

Trying different food from a culture different from yours opens your eyes and your taste buds to a whole new world of exotic flavours and food that you would have otherwise been missing out on.

Tip #4: Study Different Cultures

Learning about traditions and different cultures will surely get the travel bug going in you. The more you learn, the more you'll be intrigued and want to visit these countries and meet these people yourself.

Travelling will help you respect others by broadening your cultural understanding. One of the best parts about travelling is the people we meet along the way, and you never know, some of those friendships could last a lifetime.

Tip #5: Go to a Local Cultural Festival

Attending a local cultural festival is an excellent way to get a taste of another country's culture, and this will motivate you to travel. These are events and festivities that are celebrated throughout a cultural community.

You will get to try their food, listen to their music, watch live performances, and learn some of their cultural practices. 

For a rich cultural experience that will motivate you to travel, find out when the next cultural festival or event is happening around your area.

Tip #6: Have a Travel Inspiration Board

A travel inspiration board works wonders when it comes to travel motivation. A Pinterest board is a great way to start, but the best travel inspiration boards are ones that you see every day. 

Go old school and pin or tape travel photos that inspire you to a board and have it in your line of sight every day. You can also get a scratch-off map of the world to hang in your room to record your travels and relive your adventures.

Tip #7: Watch Travel Documentaries or TV Shows

Watching travel documentaries can and TV shows will definitely feed your wanderlust. They tell an in-depth story about the culture, traditions, or the nature of a country or specific place.

You could never go wrong with anything by Anthony Bourdain, but here is a list of the best travel shows and documentaries on Netflix to get you started.

Tip #8: Watch Travel Vlogs Online

Travel vlogs (video blogs) are videos people upload on Youtube of them sharing their travel experience. It's typically a more raw and candid way of getting a glimpse of what it would be like to travel to another country, but that may be precisely what you need.

Vlogs are typically shorter than travel documentaries and TV shows, so you can get away with watching several in a row.

Tip #9: Read Travel Blogs

When you read about other travellers' adventures, you will find that it is much easier to travel than you thought. These blogs also provide hand advice and travel tips, and you'll learn about all the places you've always dreamed of visiting.

You may even learn about places you have never heard of.

Tip #10: Talk to Other Travelers

Travellers love to share their stories. Nothing will give you motivation and desire to travel than to listen to other stories and adventures of travellers.

There are many online forums and groups you can join where you can discuss and ask questions on all things travel. Learn from their first-hand experience, and get inspired by their stories. 

Feed Your Wanderlust and Get Your Travel Motivation Back

The idea of travelling and planning your trip should be an exciting process. We get that sometimes you may need a little travel motivation along the way. So we hope you found our top ten tips helpful.

Whether it be trying out new cuisine, binging on travel shows, or learning a new language, there are many ways to spark that desire to travel again.

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