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Bus, Train, or Underground, Oh My 5 Must-Have Commute Items

Man standing in the street with an electric scooter

Bus, Train, or Underground, Oh My 5 Must-Have Commute Items

Is your commute an integral part of your daily routine? Would you like to make it more comfortable?

In today's world, many of us are getting back on the tube and into our traditional office spaces. Believe it or not, your commute to work can actually be a good time to get your mind ready to be at your most productive. 

Commuting can even become a great opportunity to better yourself through learning a new language or reading books.

You'll need, however, to be prepared with the most up-to-date items for making your trips more comfortable. 

Here are five must-have items that will change your life.

1. The Power Rucksack

A great rucksack for commuting will comfortably fit everything you need. It will be sturdy enough to hold your electronics and light enough to carry comfortably through the city.

The perfect commuter backpack has space for your tablet, laptop, earbuds, and anything else you need during the day. You can keep your notebook, pens, and cash organized so you can reach it whenever you need anything quickly.

Some folks like to head out to the gym just before or after work. You'll need space in your rucksack for your bottle of water, comfortable shoes, and a makeup bag.

If you're someone who makes their own lunch, you'll need ample space to comfortably house your food. Some folks also like to bring a mug for hot food or beverages. 

Whatever you need for your daily trip, be sure to organize it in a way that's attractive, convenient, and accessible. It will have you looking forward to you getting on your way and working and playing hard each day!

2. Microfiber Gym Towel

A microfiber gym towel is easy to roll up fit in your backpack. It's light, quick-drying, and great for a run to the gym before or after work.

Keeping a towel with you is also a great way to be prepared for any type of situation, including a rainstorm or spill. Make sure you take one along with you every morning.

3. Your Tablet

Gone are the days of your newspaper being the only distraction from an otherwise boring commute. Get yourself a pair of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones and you can get lost in a customized media world.

Your commute is a great time to read books and listen to podcasts you otherwise wouldn't have time for. You can strategize for work, listen to music, and even journal and record your thoughts. 

If you do your self-improvement work on the train, you can be fully available for your job while you're at work and your family while you're at home. It pays to use your commute time wisely.

4. Lunch Box

We all know how expensive it can get to purchase your lunch during the workday. Invest in a compartmentalized lunchbox in a sturdy material like plastic or stainless steel.

You can fill your lunch box fresh items in the morning that will keep you fueled and healthy all day long. Make sure you have separate compartments for lean protein, a little Greek yoghurt, and whole-wheat crackers. You'll need to clean out your lunchbox each night and pack it carefully before work so you'll be looking forward to your eating break at noon.

5. Coffee Mug

Making your coffee at home could save you anywhere between $20 to $100 a month

An easy-to-carry mug with a reliable cover could be exactly what you need to help you cut down on coffee costs. Just make sure you have plenty of your favourite creamer or sweetener at home.

A mug is also a great way to carry anything from soup to macaroni so you don't need to warm it up later on. 

Tips For Your Commute

A bag with great accessories is the perfect way to start and end your workday.

You'll also want to make sure you're careful about who you choose to sit next to on your ride. If you know that your train or bus tends to fill up quickly after your stop, it may be time to stop going for that solo row. It could be smarter to choose a seat next to a non-threatening buddy, rather than wait and see who could sit down next to you.

If you can, purchase your tickets online ahead of time. You may even be able to do this with your monthly pass. This is a great way to avoid the line at the ticket machine on the first of each month.

Many apps you can purchase for your phone will give you direct access to your train or bus's schedules. It will also let you know exactly what time your transport will be arriving at a particular station. This is great if you have someone dropping you off or picking you up.

After you've been riding your train for a while, you'll be able to pinpoint exactly which carriage will let off at your preferred exit point. You don't want to be caught in a rush of people once you've stopped where you need to exit.

It's also a good idea to stand up and begin moving towards the door when you know your stop is next.

Chugging Along

Your commute doesn't have to be a harried, miserable time. With the right accessories and preparation, you can enjoy your trip and even get smarter while you roll through town.

Don't stop spiffing up your commute now. For more excellent ways to move around in the city, contact us today.