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7 Solid Benefits of a Good Quality Laptop Bag

Laptop on a table surrounded by a backpack, mobile phone, and other items

7 Solid Benefits of a Good Quality Laptop Bag

There's no point buying a $1500 laptop if you are going to be throwing it about as if it were a ship in the rough seas. Some laptops might be able to take it, especially if they are built for rough and rugged use. But most will not.

That's where a laptop bag comes into the picture. You don't have to spend hundreds on a good laptop bag. But having one at hand to carry your precious laptop around the city or the world is a great add-on. 

Maybe you haven't spent only $1500 on your laptop. You could be one of those people who spent $6700 on your MacBook Pro! If that's the case, your laptop needs to be partnered with a laptop bag asap! 

Read on to see why your next Christmas buy should be a laptop bag (for you or a loved one).

1. Protection During Transit

The main reason anyone thinks of getting a laptop bag is for protection. If you are going to be carrying your laptop around with you on your commute, or while travelling for business, you will need something to protect it during transit.

Also, if you are going to be walking from place to place, you can't carry your laptop under your arm and walk about, even if that's how they show people doing it in advertisements and on TV shows. How unreal is that!

Finally, if you are going to the kind of person who's a bit clumsy or if you tend to bump your stuff around, a laptop bag will ensure you don't bang your precious laptop against hard surfaces, jolting some sensitive electronic connection.

2. Increased Productivity

If you are the kind of person who has long commutes or travels a lot as digital nomads do, a laptop bag is perfect, because you can use those long moments to be productive, to log in to work emails, to contact potential customers, and more.

Instead of sitting around and twiddling your thumb, you can move your business and work along—especially since a lot of trains, planes, and buses have Wifi on board, as a standard.

3. Waterproof

If you live in an environment that has a lot of rain (average in London is 156.25 days per year), then you definitely want to buy a waterproof laptop bag. Water and laptops don't mix.

There's no reason for you to get water into the delicate piece of machinery that is your laptop.

If you plan and buy a waterproof laptop bag, then you can rest assured that wherever you go—no matter rain, hail, snow, or slush—your laptop will be safe from the elements. 

This also applies if you tend to carry food, drinks, or makeup in your laptop bag. Many laptop bags come with a specific waterproof compartment for your laptop. This way, no matter what's happening in your other compartments, at least your laptop is safe and sound. 

4. Increased Organization

This brings us to compartments. Even if you are a minimalist at heart, in this day and age, carrying several items is necessary. It isn't only a wallet, phone, and out the door, you go. 

You must have innumerable things you carry daily. Rechargeable batteries, water bottle, snacks, pens, notebooks, business cards, vitamins, face masks, and more. 

If you have the right laptop bag, you can ensure that you stay organized even if you have a hundred thousand things in it. You can also stop rummaging about, looking for your sunglasses, or that one piece of paper, because you can stay organized. 

5. Disguise From Thieves

It isn't the easiest thing in the world to carry an expensive laptop around with you, because you are always afraid that some unscrupulous person might start eyeing it and want it for themselves. 

With a laptop bag, you are not announcing to the world that you have a laptop and any thief is welcome to help themselves to it. 

Also, some laptop bags come with specific anti-theft measures built-in, so even if someone comes up behind you and tries to cut your bag or unzip it, it would be impossible for them to do so.

This is a brilliant idea for anyone who travels a lot to dangerous neighbourhoods or dangerous countries of the world. 

Even if you don't travel that much, having your laptop safe and secure in a bag will give you peace of mind that you didn't know you needed.  

6. Keep Your Laptop Cool on a Hot Day

If you live in a country or are travelling to a country where it's excessively hot or cold, there are laptop bags that can protect your laptop from these excessive temperatures. 

They come with scientifically manufactured material that can keep your laptop cool in hot weather. This means that the sensitive wiring and cards inside your laptop will stay safe and work properly even if you are melting in a hot environment. 

7. Security Checks Made Easy With the Right Laptop Bag

If you are worried that you are going to be held back by your laptop bag during security checks at the airport and such, no need to fear.

Nowadays, most laptop bag manufacturers know that air travel is an important part of every laptop user's agenda. Laptop bags usually have a separate, easily accessible compartment for laptops that you can access even if you are wearing your bag on your back.

This means you can pull out your laptop for a check and then slide it back again once you are done, no problem. 

Don't Have a Laptop Bag Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

If you don't have a laptop bag yet, stop waiting and start browsing. There are hundreds of laptop carry cases that are made for you and your specific needs. 

Your laptop will thank you for it and so will your wallet, as your laptop stays safe and sound for a long time to come. 

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