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6 Tips for Saving Money on Your First Overseas Vacation

6 Tips for Saving Money on Your First Overseas Vacation

Are you interested in travelling the world? If so, you're going to need to start travelling overseas to cover more of that scratch off world map!

Many people think that travel is too expensive. However, with a few life hacks, you can travel anywhere for a reasonable amount. You'll be able to cover a lot more ground if you save every time that you travel.

To do that, you'll need some helpful tips on how to develop an overseas travel budget. Here are several tips for saving on your first overseas vacation. Be sure to use all of these tips to your advantage!

1. Develop a Budget

Okay, so you've decided to book your first overseas what? It's always good to start by setting a budget for the entire adventure.

Some people have the misconception that they can't set a budget until they've seen the prices of things like hotels, airfare, local dining, etc. However, you can always book a trip under the budget you set.

The budget that you set will act as a point of accountability for you and your family. You'll have no choice but to actively invest time in looking for discounts and savings to have the trip make financial sense.

Look at your budget from a yearly perspective. How much of your annual income can you set aside for travelling with family?

2. Stay as Flexible as Possible

This is where many travellers put themselves in a bind. They want to lower the price of their airfare but are too specific with the details of their travel plans.

For example, you might want to find the cheaper airfare, but if you've already taken off work for the first week of July, then you don't have much wiggle room. 

But if you were to make your plans around the cheapest time to fly, then you'll still get your dream overseas vacation at a much lower price. You may still be able to book it around the time that you wanted to go.

Also, be sure to stay flexible with where you're willing to fly as well. If a nearby airport has higher rates than one that's a bit further away, you might consider making the long drive to get lower airfare rates.

3. Use Airbnb or VRBO

Far too many travellers have tunnel vision when it comes to where they'd like to stay during their travels overseas. In today's world, services like VRBO and Airbnb make it so easy to book a place to stay under your budget.

They've become so accommodating that you might have a better experience there than in a hotel. If you prefer that people not bother you during your stay, this is the way to go.

Simply look by date and location, seeing what's available and for how long. You can either book the reservations first and then airfare or vice versa.

Many people have the misconception that booking a hotel will give you more amenities during your stay, but don't be so sure! You can filter out options and find places with pools, hot tubs, multiple bedrooms, and so much more.

4. Start a Destinations Checklist

You might be asking yourself what exactly is a destinations checklist? It's a bucket list, of sorts. It's simply a list of places that you and your family want to visit, checking them off one by one.

How does that help you save on your first overseas trip? Because it helps keep you and your family flexible. With so many options available, you can book a trip based on the lower cost over other locations.

Then you and your entire family will be more than happy with wherever you end up going since it was on the list you all agreed to! Keeping an open mind on your location can also add a fun sense of spontaneity to your vacation travel plans.

5. Keep an Eye on Last-Minute Deals

Spoiler alert: it's never too late to book a trip. As long as you save up the money and can pay it on a dime, you can wait up until the very last night to book a trip if you wanted to.

Last-minute booking certainly isn't for everyone, but it's well worth the time and effort if you can stomach it.

Airlines and vacation rentals will significantly lower the prices of any unreserved spots so that they don't lose money. That's your chance to capitalize!

6. Pack Minimal Items

Realistically, you don't need any more than a week's worth of clothes regardless of how long you're staying there. 

The more that you pack, the more money that you'll be spending on checking your bags at the airport, which can add up quickly.

Instead, aim to bring only the essentials such as toiletries, phone chargers, devices, and locks to protect your stuff in the room while you walk around the city.

Time to Book Your First Overseas Vacation

Now that you've seen all the different ways to save on your first overseas vacation, it's time to book your very first adventure!

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