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5 Gifts for Commuters to Make Every Day Easier

Commuters walking through a station

5 Gifts for Commuters to Make Every Day Easier

A long commute to and from work can be seriously draining. But it's a little easier if you have the right accessories to help out. So this year when you're buying a gift for your favourite commuter, think about getting something practical.

You'll be the most popular gift-giver in the room with just the right commuter accessories.

Check out these awesome gifts for commuters that you know they will love!

1. Laptop Backpack

In the modern technology era, most commuters carry a laptop with them to work. So naturally, they will need a backpack to put it on. What about a backpack with a built-in charger? Take away the stress of running out of charge with a USB port to charge a cellphone or laptop.

Look for a backpack with comfortable straps and plenty of compartments for charging cords, documents, and a cellphone. 

If you're looking for a multi-use backpack that can work for a commuter and weekend adventure-seeker, take a look at a larger backpack for travel. This is an awesome gift for commuters that also travel or take day trips for work. 

2. Portable Coffee Machine

Give the gift of hot, freshly brewed coffee. The daily commute can be tiring. So what better way to wake up than a delicious cup of coffee.

Portable coffee machines cost about $30 to $40 and are very easy to use. They are durable and provide a quality cup of coffee. You can also the same machine for tea or any other hot beverage. It will keep liquids warm, even for a long commute!

3. Cell Phone Car Mount

For those commuters that spend a lot of time in the car, a cell phone car mount is a perfect gift. The car mount attaches directly to the dashboard making it easy and safe to see your cell phone screen.

The car mount is great for navigation or using hands-free technology to talk on the phone. Remember to be safe when using your phone and follow local laws regarding cellphone use inside your vehicle.

4. Audible Membership

If you're looking for a gift for a commuter that already has a lot of gadgets, consider going with a more creative solution. You can buy them a membership to Audible which is an audiobook service with millions of books.

This is a great gift to use on the train or in the car. All you need is a good pair of headphones and you are ready to escape into a book to pass the time.

5. Windproof Umbrella 

Most commutes involve some kind of walking outside whether it's from a parking lot, train station, or from your house. And during bad weather, this can be the worst part of a commute.

A good windproof umbrella will protect from even the most serious storms. Pick a durable umbrella that is compact and easy to pack in a backpack or suitcase. 

Give the Best Gifts for Commuters

Now you have a few ideas for the perfect gifts for commuters. Show that you care with a thoughtful and practical gift they can use daily.

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