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5 Backpacking Tips for the New Traveller

Man Standing on Top of a Mountain Wearing a Backpack

5 Backpacking Tips for the New Traveler

Revenue growth of backpacker-based markets grew 12% worldwide in 2019. Over 72% of hostel travellers (backpackers) are solo travellers looking for buddies.

One of the areas of growth that is pulling in millennials is that 90% of hostels now have private rooms on request.

If you're on your first adventure or your tenth, it's always good to see what kind of new solo backpacking tips you can collect to make your life easier. We're here with five that we've learned over the years.

Some of them might surprise you. Keep reading to find out!

1. Don't Worry About Unnecessary Toiletries

Little plastic sandwich bags full of exploded gels and lotions can be a pain in the neck.

These days more and more hostels are supplying rations of toiletries and even essential supplies like toothbrushes and toothpaste. Keep it simple with deodorant and sanitary supplies only.

You'll be amazed at space and time savings you can achieve on your airport jaunts. As far as backpacking packing tips, not bringing toiletries is surprising, but number 2 might surprise you too!

2. Forget Your Towel

It simply isn't worth space in your backpack to bring a full-size towel. Most hostels will supply towels without renting them out.

In a real pinch, you can always use a t-shirt or gym towel to dry off. Small and compact, you can hang it to dry overnight.

Most of us bring our change of clothes into the shower anyway, so it is a good compromise to changing in front of everyone in the dorm.

3. Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads

Making sure you have the best transportation apps for your region is essential. Uber isn't allowed in many of the popular destinations like Thailand.

Another great app for figuring out how to get around is Rome2Rio, if the Google Maps app isn't cutting it. It even breaks down the cost of some options.

Local rideshare apps are also usually in on the local food delivery game as well.

4. The Telephone Game

Many regions around the world use WhatsApp to communicate, including businesses and official channels, but find out what the local messaging apps are and download them in advance.

If you plan to be on the road a while, download the app once you're in the region to access different local features that might not be available otherwise, like a digital wallet for train passes.

5. Upfront Savings Usually Equals Disappointment

Finally, don't pick the cheapest accommodations or travel fare based only on perceived savings.

Find out the hidden fees, and if they skimp on services.

A £15 hostel looks great compared to £20 until you realize the "expensive" one doesn't charge for towel rental. It probably also doesn't have free lockers for your awesome backpack, great Wi-Fi, and bedside charging ports with a private bedlight.

Bonus: Cheap flights are usually flights that cost you on travel days.

In It to Win It: Five Backpacking Tips

Are you going to succeed at your backpacking goals? You will if you follow our five pro backpacking hacks and tips!

Yuu can only learn some of these backpacking tips through the hard work of having been there and done that. It's definitely worth asking others in your hostel for tips on how they solve the unique travel issues backpackers often face.

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