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3 Surprising Uses for a Quick Dry Travel Towel

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3 Surprising Uses for a Quick Dry Travel Towel

Travelling light - it's not only a backpacker's thing anymore. With the exorbitant fees that airlines charge for baggage, everyone is always thinking about how to carry fewer and lighter items.

British Airways, for example, charges 40 to 65 pounds for the first baggage, and the same amount for the second baggage. That's a lot of extra money to carry your own stuff.

Highway robbery, some think, and decide to carry hand luggage only. One of the easiest ways to reduce your load is by carrying a quick dry travel towel. They are easy to use, pack light, and dry fast. This is especially useful if you are going to a beach destination, or if you are going to be moving from place to place, quite rapidly. 

But a small quick dry travel towel isn't only for drying yourself off. It has some weird and quirky uses that will surprise you. Keep reading to see what they could be. 

1. Use It as an Extra Protective Layer Against Dingy Pillows

Even if hotels and hostels wash their pillowcases every day, it doesn't mean that they are actually washing their pillows. Hundreds or even thousands of heads have slept on those pillows. Do you want to risk it by putting your head on there, without a layer between? 

Use your quick dry travel towel to protect your head and your hair from unwanted visitors, aka, lice, and bedbugs. 

2. Wrap Wet Swimsuits and Wet Clothes in Your Quick Dry Towel

The problem with having only four weeks of vacation is that you want to go everywhere, but you only have a day or two to stay in each place. If you are constantly moving about and have wet clothes to carry, then you can use your travel towel to hold the wet items in your backpack or baggage.

Until you have a chance to lay them out to dry, your quick dry towel can act as a storage compartment, keeping your wet clothes away from the rest of your clothes especially if you don't have a plastic bag to spare.

3. Dry Out Your Wet Clothes Using Your Quick Dry Travel Towel

 One easy way to dry out washed underwear or brassieres is to massage them between your quick dry travel towel, for a few minutes. The travel towel is fast wicking and will draw out the moisture from your wet drawers and bras, drying them faster than leaving them to hang dry.

It's a great way to ensure that you are not walking around with damp undies all day. Ugh!

Life Moves Fast - You Have to Move Even Faster to Keep up

A quick dry travel towel has a lot more uses than drying your freshly showered body. And it packs into a tiny little ball, so you can pack that extra something that you wanted.

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