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3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Webcam Cover

Person Making a Video Call

Here's Why You Should Always Have a Webcam Cover

Did you know 51 percent of laptop users didn't know hackers could remotely turn on their webcams?

Since you're reading this now you know it is possible. What are you going to do about it?

Well, we have three reasons you should buy a webcam cover and where you can get one to help protect yourself from webcam hacking.

1) A Webcam Cover Creates Peace of Mind 

No one wants to have a constant fear that someone is spying on them or trying to get information from their lives or computers. 

There have been cases of hackers hacking into webcams and recording people in the privacy of their homes as well as in hotel rooms. No thanks. 

When you use a webcam cover you add a layer of security to your laptop usage that will ease your mind when you log off for the day.

You can even take advantage of this gadget outside of cybersecurity. Have you ever needed a couple of minutes before your zoom call but it's going to auto-connect to your camera? Keep that webcam cover closed.

Peace of mind comes in many forms, and one comes from the benefits of webcam covers.

2) A Post-It Note or Piece of Paper Isn't Enough

A lot of us think if you just tape over the camera or put a post-it up that it will be sufficient.

Sadly, no. 

Post-it notes aren't long term solutions and aren't very discreet. They can also leave a residue on your computer screen, and no one wants that.

It's best to find a more secure solution. Webcam covers will provide just that.  

3) Inexpensive and Easy Fix

Take a guess at how much a good webcam cover costs. You're probably guessing higher than you should. 

Webcam covers can start as low as £1.50. Yep, you read that correctly. 

They're affordable and so easy to use. You can purchase in multipacks or individuals, and they are compatible with most laptops. 

Are you worried about the size? They are thin and discreet, they have black and white so you can match your laptop.

Slide to cover, slide to uncover. That's it, and you're covered from hackers and unwanted viewers. 

So, What Do You Think?

With a world so consumed by zoom meetings and the work from home life, digital security is of utmost importance. 

How can you go wrong with an inexpensive, simple, and sure-fire solution to webcam hackers?

So, have we convinced you of the benefits of webcam covers? 

That's what we thought, glad we're on the same page. 

Luckily, Urban Jungle Living has all the options you could need to take your laptop privacy game to the next level. Now, it's time for you to take back control of your privacy and purchase your webcam cover. 

You can see all of the work essentials Urban Jungle Living has to offer on their website. What are you waiting for?